carry out animations

These short pieces were a quick way to remind social media followers that HuHot has Carry Out options so you can take your food everywhere.

My role: design, rigging and animation

Shout out to Jake Bartlett’s Skillshare course which helped me with my first every character rigging!


bad infomercial

In an on going quest to reach HuHot guests with humor, this project was a blast to work on. The main actor has a great sense of humor and made getting the perfect shots easy. The VO actor also perfectly nailed the cheesy bad infomercial vibe!

My role: filming and video editing


april fools 2018

HuHot’s fans take their stir fry seriously… this video was a nod to some of the more extreme requests they get from fans.

My role: filming and video editing

recipe contest announcement

Creating the perfect recipe takes hard work and dedication. This short was made to inspire HuHot fans to get in recipe creating shape!

My role: filming and video editing



HuHot takes pride in staying relevant. I created this piece during the peak of the Tide pods craze.

My role: filming and video editing



In 2017 HuHot encouraged fans to dine in as many of the nation wide locations as possible!

My role: design and animation